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The following applies to all in-office first appointments. For Telehealth appointments and our COVID-19 office protocols please call our offices.

We welcome you to Counseling Associates of MA & NH and appreciate you entrusting your care or your family's care to us.  We take that honor to heart and wish to provide you with as safe and enriching experience as possible.

Please plan to arrive 10 -15 minutes early to your first appointment to fill out basic paperwork.  Your therapist will leave the necessary paperwork in the waiting room on a clipboard.  The expanded HIPPA guidelines will be in the waiting room regardless of whether the material is filled out beforehand or in the waiting room.

For child or adolescent cases, your therapist will tell you who they want to attend the initial session.  All parents or legal guardians must sign consent forms for the young person to be seen.  If  a parent/guardian will not be present at that first appointment, the consent form can be downloaded and filled out ahead of time to be brought or mailed in. 


"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein
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